Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ungrateful Thought

Heart start to scrumble :

If you really wanna do that, go ahead. I'd throw all my hard words in Twitter not in FB or this blog.
But i really pissed off at this point of time. How ungrateful you are. Asking around for people to understand you, but do you think people around you 'tunggul kayu' with no hearts and feelings? You are so mean if you can think little like that.

Funny how he thinks...but somehow, rather than you keep whining and crying... It's better you do something right..Effort by efforts without giving up. How hard it can be, think with your little head there far more worst people who facing hardship life.

You were talking about religion how you have faith in Allah but how you show it? Sekadar Friday prayer that you went for once a week? I'm not good though but I know where my stand in this things.

People says. ..doesn't matter you don't have great education, but if you have great mind, great heart..nothing really matters... But you didn't prove anything. All your plans I've been hearing...what?? Ketuk tin kosong je ke? Too bad...we already provided what it takes to help you yet you seems take it for granted. Great! Action speaks louder than words my dear Mr. You-know-everything.

It's really break my hearts my hopes to see you rise up again. But you can't see that at all. Owh...Almost forgot that I can't project my emotion to you.

I really hope you keep sane and do not fall to the root of the earth. I can save a heart with my love, but not a soul who lost in his own fantasy.

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