Friday, August 12, 2011

Coming Back For Good!! ^_*

Heart happily typing :

Another reason to be happy..Yeayy En.Batman saya will be coming back to MALAYSIA for good. At last!! Finally, he got what he want. If not I will be hearing how homesick he was while staying there back in Colombia. (But I guess he did had 3 years great time there too.. right Kasha?) Emo all the time..listening to sad songs lagi emo..lagi2 "Sedetik Lebih" ..Adoi..ahahah~ But it's ok, your Miss Robin always here tadah mata tadah telinga to hear all your sigh and whining...huhuhu~

Will be back soon 2 weeks to am I counting the days? Owh no...ahahah~ Raya dulu okeh..;P En.Batman 2nd based will be in Labuan...even we still have to naik 'belon' to be there yet it still within Malaysia region..Weee...leh gi Sipadan...Opss....hey need to take the scuba license first babe..heheheh~ Owh...finally we can complete 'Buku Kita' and main masak2.....;P

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