Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Iftar With Him

Heart feel :

It’s been a while I’m avoiding going for Iftar…actually its nothing pun…just I prefer to berbuka with my parents and pegi terawikh with them. By coincidence as for last 2 days, telah diisytiharkan ‘cuti Am’…makanya I made a plan to berbuka with him (sebenarnya dah dpt ayat drama last Saturday lagi…huhu~)

Seeing him after two week I guess…he became more tanned and broader shoulder..ntah apa la dia buat. Dia ckp dia berjemur mcm mat salleh tu..:)  Like I’m gonna believe that. Nvm..
Actually, we still in quarrel but masing2 kan ego…and acting like so cool as nothing happen..yeah we damn good in that. Huh~

But donno why, I was like a bit daring with him yesterday..We argued of all things…. Eventually I’m not like that but…ntah..don’t feel like keeping the silence. ..agak nyaris rise up the temper…I’m just playing the game..yes I won! He burst 1st… what the issue?..i think I’ll disclose later la eh…  Intention of him was sharing the story with me without ever think what I’m gonna feel…well I never be that important for him to concern so much… “you takleh pk emosi  you je, cuba la paam keadaaan I skrg”…I am such angel if I can stay put with this for a long time I guess. I can’t have an emotion am I ? Hebat tul hati I ni…Hemm….Whatever la dear. 

Towards to the end, while sending me home..he did said thanks…thanks for feeding him so well..Kenyang sangat.. J ….That was the reason I wanna go out with you dear. He haven’t been eating rice the day he came back from somewhere..  How could it possibly be I can become so heartless to him?......
Seeing him singing, dancing in the car ….i can only smile and laughed with him. I know he really not well…Rest well k dear..dah mkn kenyang2…now you can sleep like a baby..:) 

We loving like a lover, we fight like a married people, we argue like a bestfriend, we protecting like a sibling….

Well, till we meet again dear. Now I kena pujuk someone yg majuk sbb xangkat call while being with you….

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