Friday, February 17, 2012

Have You Feel This?

Heart singing :

Tetiba plak kan...;P.. Terima kasih untuk video conference beberapa hari bersama Personal Trainer terhebat, makhluk Tuhan paling sexy ..( mmg mau la dia baca ni, he will bundled up my 'punishment'..owh tdk!) #ada ku kisah?..huhu~ ;P

Have you feel this before? Surely la kan..sometimes it just happened randomly that make us annoyed out of nowhere. Grumpy? Ha, it is ultimatum causes by this. But it does make no rights for you to throw your tantrum to people who don't deserve it. Xmo2 ikut perasaan...Tuhan marah...huhu~

This are much earth heaven. How small things can just make you happy in small way.  ^_^

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