Monday, February 20, 2012

'KG' Attitude!

Brain cannot think :

Really can't brain this...Just look at this..

RX8 yang telah dicalar2kan...hak milik En.Batman saya. sad gile
Di kala2 terasa hari penuh sempurna, maklumlah hari Isnin kan...skali looking at this at my dearest Akasha page...OMG! What the happen dude? Terus whatsapp..pantas dari nak post comments kt FB tu. Dapat jawapan on the spot. Batman saya pasti jwb soklan Robin dia ni dgn pantas ASAP. huhu~

According to him, these damage has been done by don't know how many people who are so retarded mind doing this out of nothing. Happened in one negeri I would not mention here... huu~ sat gi kata BIAS! So xpe la kan...He just being there attending his lil sis wedding. Halloooo...what's wrong with you guys? Some more siap spit on the car. Euwww...memang kecacatan otak korang ni. Owh gosh, why la there are so many people with this mentaliti...I know you guys from love kampung too...but this kind of attitude memang 'KG' habes.

Please you guys, don't put yourself as a third countries mentality which I think they are much better though. I do believed we already learned about civics from home, from school.... from our environment. Ni memang betul sivik semua letak kat kaki je. I feel for you. Kesian.

To Akasha, I know you dah nk jadi raksasa ijau dah hadap these kind of retarded people. Sabar2, tomorrow masuk workshop kan..Your red baby gonna be super hot again. Takmo sedih2 okey, you gonna fly over to Oman to see your sweetheart right. Can't wait to see you guys back in KL. ;)

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