Thursday, February 9, 2012

#Project Awesome 2012

Brain smiling :

Salahkan Twitter kesayangan, my TL drained by this special project update. Ahaha~ Its not a bad thing peeps. Out of curiousity, I've started to follow and Like their fan page in FB and..........
Wow, kinda cool effort!

With one fine 'nawaitu', this team want to boost up self-esteem of everyone saying all of us are AWESOME! Easy peasy way to support them. Follow this steps :

1. Write on paper or anywhere that you can think (creatively done- cincai tulis pun boleh, tulisan korang kan cantik..hehe)
2. Hold it, snap your own picture -eleh macam x biasa snap pic sendiri2 kan. Jangan malu2..;P
3. Submit to or twitpic je kat twitter mereka.
4. Siap!! ;)

p/s : Dateline this 12 February 2012...cepat2...

Btw, you can also refer to their own here...

Official poster of the project -pinjam jap!

Hey Enny, tulis je pandai where your own picture?? Ok garu dahi jap....Jap2...tengah buat prop ni...akan esok ku ganggu satu ofis ni snap pic for this project. Miahaha~ Ya Allah niat!!...Eh bukan suh gi perang, snap pic je pun...less than 1 minutes..SMILE! Snap!

My own project for them :
Friday : MHO's menjadi sasaran.
Saturday : My own dearest PTD's friends gonna be mangsa2 seterusnya
Sunday : Sebelum 12.00 am -12022012 gonna submit all of the pictures. ;)

Esok kita guna ni okeh..

Wait for it babes! Nak join? Jum...;P

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