Sunday, February 23, 2014

Mindset Controlism

Brainy talking :

What you are right now what you have in mind..
All starts there...most very unique organs in life forms..It's always gonna dominate from your own heart.
The main which generating your conscience.

Percaya tak, bila you mampu kawal fikiran you, your body automatically gonna react on it?
Andai kata you sakit, psikologinya you makan ubat, you said you will be fine after that. Betul? Sometimes bukan ubat tu yang menyembuhkan but you brain said so (of course with God willing).
It does happened to me..ALWAYS!
Saat suffocated with stress, uncontrollable things, I tend to fall sick on the spot. Started to feel the dizziness, running nose...gosh the most thing that I'm not favoring when I need to do something important. It does blocked my way. The trick : CALM DOWN...bertenang...defgramented all scattered neurons link, slowly everything will fall back to their place.

Macam tu jugak if you being at a new place, just clear you mind, your heart, terima dengan hati terbuka. You will feel much more ease to blend within the reluctance in yourself. Give it a chance.
Your brain belongs to you, I bet you will know how to control it right?
Use it wisely..It all come from your own mindset. Be reasonable. Human is still human. =)

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