Friday, February 21, 2014

Perihal Si Lace #wedding

Neuron dis-tangling :

In the midst of works, SOP that will never end...googling can always be the cure. Out of pumping ideas for the dresses, knowledge about lace for me sgt la poor. Noob!
So gurunya? Haruslah En. Google kan...;D -sian my Interns yang terpaksa telan jugak ilmu nih...hik3

So far familiar with this 4 je : Prada Lace , French Lace, Beaded Lace, 3D Lace
Ke ada lagi family of laces ni? - huih juling bijik mata tetiba nk buat research about this..
But as long we know the basic, I think it should be fine kan...nak lagi details, hermm, meh join bertapa kat kedai kain, sila bawak buku dan pen skali ye...because you will never memorize this in one night ;P

Beginilah Bride-To-Be kisahnya.. Benda yang tak pernah nak tau, nak jadi 'makanan ruji', talking like an expert kononnya...but as per advice is better to have some knowledge about something that you want before serah bulat2 pada pihak ketiga. Never off guard. Non-hazardous, radioactive pun for you to pick up some new things in the way kan...It could be fun though...#tetiba rasa girlie2 plak...hahaha..

p/s : ada date ngn GF to do some details katanya..hiks~

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