Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sneakers for Wedding Shoes? #wedding

Brain clustered:

Bila En.Tunang had some cute idea...

Sneakers for wedding shoes? Haha~ mmg super best! Bila tgk pix tu betul2 rupanya sepasang for the bride and groom. Comel okey..hehe~

Owh btw, it is can be done. Converse can customize it to be like this. Unfortunately it can't internationally shipped to Malaysia directly. Only for US and UK.
Eh apa susah, I do have my dearest friend who is in Massachusetts, US right now. She always gonna be happy to do the favor for us to ship back here. :P  Hee~

Cool right? Boleh diusahakan...hik2...macam2 la Cik Enny and En.Hasif ni...well once a lifetime to play around like this. ;P

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