Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Under Pressure!

Heart sinking:

Its 7.04pm now...tp I still kat office lagi. What the heck that you're doing in the office still Cik Enny?
-_- *menyepetkan mata.

This week mmg under pressure tahap max which required my neurons work abnormally. Balik je rumah for sure pengsan. Crazy tau...wish people can see that but of course mana la mampu nak tunjuk kat dpn my Interns ni and my new contract staff. Kesian dorg to see my tantrum xmemasal. Hish..
They need to see me who under control and sgt bertenang. Sungguh professional. Mencabar nk mencapai expectation org.

Inilah penangannya bila you need to think two big things at one time in one brain.

Bertabah la wahai Cik Enny. U will get through this perfectly!

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