Thursday, February 27, 2014

Checklist Updated! #wedding

Brain synchronizing :

In virtual, in my conteng2 book, in journal Notes3 my dear wedding coordinator -so called la kan..Sume need to be updated.
Majornya, almost for this first 3 months...all set to go! Tinggal nak finalize the dresses...sungguh mencabar ni. Cik designer silalah start with your sketches...:D

Color theme will be remain but the concept nampak gaya akan berubah. Thanks to Abah yg out of blue moon come with his 'idea'...yeah pengsan ku ingin merealisasikannya...mampukah?* garu kepala yang xgatal..

But basically I did have some raw idea about the theme itself, sbb idea Abah tu is for arrival thingy..mine to the whole concept. Nampak gaya, 'Batik Fusion' will be in. Okey tak? Batik Indonesia I meant, kalau nak guna batik Terengganu kinda hard to handle... (cukuplah my baju merisik was from Batik Terengganu, kenalah guna concept lain kan ;P)

Some of the ideas :

Kebetulan my brother will be in Bali this coming month, tugasan dia utk cr these kind of batik..hik3...-pandai ke x tu? heee~

Eh okey la nak balik la...almost 7 dah... will update another thing soon..- owh my hampir lupa kena beli riding pants...What for? Ha later I citer..

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