Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dear My Lord

Heart gratefully :

Dear Allah,

I love You. I love how YOU can read my heart and know what is hidden in it from the world. I love how You make me fall and catch me before I crash. I love talking to You. I love how I smile when I think about You. I love the tears that flow down for You when I think of You as my God. I love performing my prayer and how I sometimes not want to get up from sujood. I love the way You make me feel complete when I feel lonely and suddenly I realize that I have You. I love how I need You. I love how I beg You for help. I love the tiny little things in this deen that make me feel part of this incredibly huge religion. I love doing things for Your sake. I love how You give me strength. I love You how You give me patience. I love how You help me. I love how You teach me. I love how You give me. I love the fact that You have given me this ability to love. I love how You love me unconditionally.
I don't deserve to be loved, but still You do love me. And that's what I love the most.

With love,

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