Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Live Happily Peeps!

Brain democracy of it :

Am so happy watching a video made by a friend of mine about his newborn baby. Mie!! Congrats for being a daddy now. Send my regards to Syifa okeh. Such a cute baby. Owh, Tarmimi also a videographer by partime profession. Sebab tu sangat Cool!!
Tapi sorry guys can't share it here. I downloaded in my phone though. AHAHA~....

To Aby,
Sila lah turun2 kan la ego tahap gunung Kinabalu tu. Kan dah sakit. Now baru terasa rindu kan? ;P Take care of yourself. Get well soon dear.

I am away, but I'm not gone. Always love you. (Huuu cheessy much!! )

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