Friday, October 12, 2012

Soal Ikhlas

Heart mumbling :

" I like the way you are at the moment ...I tgh imagine. You cam happy je selalu.."
Owh GOD, dear sahabat you will never know. I did tried hard and it ain't easy.
But I do feel blessed with in what way, you always put me in such of imaginary. Stay like that please.
As you know we promised each other kawan sampai mati. And you are my dear friend who sincerely shared     a piece of doa' made by your mum for the son who always on the fly.
You asked me to apply it in my daily recite for my safety and precaution. I do and will always do.
That is how you show me your care even we are just apart miles away.
Itulah IKHLAS you pada I.

Casual meeting up with my big sis yesterday, such an eye opener to me when we did had some deeply conversation. Deep!
Which made me rethink about everything I'd done, doing and going to do.
I hardly to share here the issue we talked about but enough for me to say, I felt like so scared at the same times grateful with the higher gratitude HE meet me up with such people.
Some of the words kept ringing in my head and tearing my heart to thousands of pieces.
Yet I felt GOD showing some way to me.
She said " Believe in FAITH, pray hard...try solat Tahajud, amalkan Al-Kahfi" and this morning she did sent this doa' to me

Ya Allah, jadikanlah Enny dikasihi pada hati2 mereka yang beriman dan gembirakanlah Enny dengan kekayaan sehingga seratus dua puluh kebaikan.Allah adalah sebaik2 Pemelihara dan DIA amat mengasihi dari segala-galanya.

Itulah IKHLAS of non blood related big sis to her lil sis.

I am trying my very best untuk belajar IKHLAS kan segalanya. Even it take neon years. InsyaAllah.

The prettiest smile hide the deepest secrets.
The prettiest eyes have cried the most tears.
And the kindness hearts have felt the most pain.

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