Monday, October 1, 2012

#ilishaf with hugeeee LOVE ♥

Heart happily :

See siap ada hashtag #ilishaf khas okey..Owh my lil bro. Rajin sgt!
Btw its for a WEDDING! as stated there..Malay version of Will & Kate. ;D

Well, I presented to you...

A wedding of
The insane owner of 'Kerepeklah' and the gorgeous founder of 'Woman of Malaysia'.
Iylia Fahmi & Shafiqah Shafie
Date : 29th September 2012
Location : Alam Damai

We totally can say, this wedding was so lay back, cozy and tersangat RSVep nya. The food were out of ordinary. So jangan mimpi of nasi minyak and sirap merah or air hijau (yg confirm buat I pening lepas tu). See the last statement? 

"Let's break away from the usual Nasi Minyak and Sirap Merah shall we?" 

Ahaha~ nice one! Yeah sedap!! So break rules bride to be. Be creative with your menu like this couple. ;P
Sesunguhnya takde lah saya sakit perut. Hik2. The musics, okey pastinya xde la bunyi kompang segala...'mat salleh' celup skit bdk berdua ni. Hahaha~ Well then, it still good songs playlist, seriously reminisced the old days masa zaman kanak2 dulu. Moffats? Spice Girl? Name it. All in their list of choices.It was like attending a party. Heee

Owh sape tu? Yeah that's Erry!! My co partner for the day as my real partner was my future sis in law. So Erry jadi co.partner je la ye. Sekurang2nya we x awkward when there was someone that we know. Harap pengantin memang nk suruh dia mencemar duli ngadap kaklong and abg long dia ni. Hehe~ 
Basic info : Actually kitaorg sume ni kanak2 Myspace..believe or not we been friends for more than 6 years or something but we just met once or twice. We remained close to each other virtually. Cool ha? Well that us. ;P

With the 'Will & Kate, and of cos En.Erry. I was wearing OBB collection. ;D

Owh you should see this how my lil insane bro proposed lil Shaf during his show, sangat drama okeh...ahaha~

Kalau nak cerita the chronology of this couple, I need help from my dear Erry to spill it up sebab sampai taun depan citer pun tak habes. Right Erry?? Pasrah okey...Redha2.. I know the facts we both know. ;P

Went back home, I saw these tweets...Haih Iylia2.. Over tul. I still can't imagine you now a HUSBAND to someone! Ahaha~ But you are such a cute bro to me. Even you almost drive me out of insanity bila melayan kepala you tu. Hik2..But I still love you bro. ;D

And this morning, I realized both of them been tweeting and facebooking what I gave to them that day. OMG! 'Imac' sangat kan. Hehe~ Well, practicality came first..Heheh~ Sebab tu korg rasmi terus kan. Ish2... Cute sangat!

Well then, to Iylia and Shafiqah or nama manjanya Yaya & Qaqa...

Hope this marriage will be blossomly bless by HIM and put this in mind, no matter how big, manly, womanly you guys are, both of you will be my lil bro and sis that I will love and keep in my heart till my last breath.

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