Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekender with JOY+BLISS ^_^

Heart soothing :

I became a mummy cat 4!! Jeng2...Was born on 9th October 2012 (same birthdate with my younger bro...of cos la taun lain .;P)

Pic ni was yesterday, so umur dah almost a week. Mata pun xleh bukak lagi. But menjerit satu rumah can hear. Ish2...;P Comel sangat! Nasib x terpicit2 je bg penyek..Heee~

Last weekend full with joy and jiwa bunga2 to my dearest friends...

To Cik Nisa,
Risik2...sampai nervous breakdown la jugak. Hehehe...You baby step done! Next, waiting for you E day..;D

Pix sent by her ;P

To En.Adly,
Finally...your hunting time will proceed till your big day. Hahaha~ Bawak2 bersabar ye..Congratulation for your engagement dude! =)

Pix courtesy FB page Adly ;P

To En.Fareed,
Ever since he left out KKM, yet now to know you engaged..Congrats bro! ..InsyaAllah rezeki di mana2 je kan.

Pic courtesy FB page Fareed ;P

How lovely they are right? I am so happy for you guys..Next step to go! ;)) Moga dipermudahkan..Amin~


nisa ~ shasha said...

thank u sygku! nnt i nk letak pic u plak kat blog i. cepat cepat cepat!!!

Enny said...

heheh...sempat je dia jengah kat sini...go meeting!! ;P
cpt apa la tu kan? hahahaha~