Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Suka Surprise?

Heart beating :

Really2 fast..hehe~
Without knowing the sender more surprise isn't it? I wonder....who to know exactly my office's address.


Surprise sgt. Hehehe. 2 days you did this. If happen for the sender reading this or knowing me by here, FB or which ever medium...Only things I can say...

"Mekasih awak, even saya taktau siapa..but thanks for the advance birthday present I assumed "

Patutnya hari ni I yang buat surprises to 3 different people around the KL, guess they already receive it. Heee~
Hope you guys happy. To those yang macam pelik2 how on earth 'that' can arrived to your office's door, En.Google kan yan paling terbaik plus name cards, quotation you pernah ada kat I kan..;P

Have fun guys... I just can't stop smiling. You made my day! Yeayyy...

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nisa ~ shasha said...

wah wah! peminat misteri!!!