Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Looking for TREE+BOOKS

Brain thinking of DIY :

In the midst of the preparation yet I have to find time how to decorate my own room. Ish orang lain yang nk kawen, I plak yang pening2 lalat kat sini. Hermmp!

Am thinking and longed to have this... ada ke jual kat Malaysia?
As how much I loveeesss books, of course I need the shelf to compliment it right?

Can I have like this? Superb, gorgeous much!

Or this?? Cute kan...

Or this? Simple enough..

Or ...okey this much kanak2 skit...huuu...kisahlah kan..my room punnnnn ;P

Susah sgt, I am so going to do this (mari kita cr lampu liplap2..lampu raya pun leh pakai ni...ahahaha)

Kesimpulannya jangan sampai I asking Abah to join venture DIY kan saje treeshelf ni kang..I know he surely wanna do it. Weeee~

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