Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Excited For THIS!!!! ^^

Heart jumpy2 :

Mengada je kan..heee~
I'm looking fwd for this!!

Pipit Wonderful Market an annual creative festival for handmade craft, independent artist, designer and other related creatives talent that are interested to expose and trade their creations or items.

Date : 10 November 2012 , Saturday

Venue : Annexe Gallery , Central Market , KL
Time : 12pm ~ 7pm

Memang best! Jum Nisa...you kan suka benda2 comel ni jgk kan...heee~


Saje nak bg ada orang tu fikir...nikmat sihat dan waktu senggang...
Bila xsehat, bila susah..tetiba tringat kn... 
Masa senang, masa sehat..ignorance it such a bliss for you..
Well then, I take it in a good way though..
Kurang kasih sayang memang macam tu...;P

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