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Came across with this advert ever since it been screening on satellite TVs in the Rapid busses. Interesting! So I’d started googling it to know more about this campaign. And yes I registered to be one of the community at RUUMZ.

Here are some message from the ruumzers…

AIDS. As of 2009, 33 Million people in the world live with HIV/AIDS. That is roughly the total population of Canada. Of that figure, 2.1 Million are children.

Since the illness was defined in the 80’s, many governments, foundations, organizations and individuals have rallied together to raise awareness, educate the public, provide support to those affected and combat the stigma behind the illness.

Is there a cure for AIDS? Sadly, no. Can we do anything to improve the situation? Fortunately, yes.

Together with PT Foundation Malaysia, ruumz is embarking on the AIDSAware Project to raise awareness on AIDS by allowing everyone of us to not only share and spread the message, but to BE a message itself.

The aim of this project is too reduce the spread of the illness and minimize the number of new cases every year. Ultimately, we want to see AIDS alive only in memory.

The AIDSAware project hopes to achieve this aim primarily through “photo messages”, where the public is encouraged to take a photo of themselves or their friends with an AIDS related message on a placard. Examples of these AIDS related placard messages include “STOP AIDS”, “34% of reported HIV cases in Malaysia are in their twenties”, “870 children under the age of 13 is living with HIV in Malaysia” and other messages to encourage safer sex. These messages can be found and downloaded from

AIDSAware is looking to raise 13,000 “photo messages” uploaded on for AIDS awareness in memory of those that have lost their battle with AIDS in Malaysia.

To stand up, be heard and to make a difference, you can.

We can achieve global solidarity, beginning in Malaysia with this project to make a positive contribution in this ongoing battle with AIDS. To do so, it needs all the help and understanding each of us can offer. Let’s start the healing process.

It is bad enough that people are dying of AIDS, but no one should die of ignorance.
~Dame Elizabeth Taylor~
Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can
~Arthur Ashe~ The only African American to win the Wimbledon, US Open and Australian Open. Passed away in 1993 due to complications from AIDS.

Together, we can Be The Message to stop HIV/AIDS.
Join us is collecting 13,000 Photo Messages on HIV/AIDS Prevention and Non-Discrimination by December 2010. 
Your Photo Message could save a brother, a sister, a relative, a friend or even an stranger from HIV/AIDS.

1. Create A Photo Message by taking a photo with your own AIDSAware message or download the AIDSAware messages here (English, BM & Chinese)
2. Upload your Photo Message HERE to the folder "AIDSAware Messages" (you will need to sign up first)
To highlight that 13,000 people have died from AIDS to date in Malaysia, and to create further awareness on HIV/AIDS prevention by displaying & sharing these Photo Messages to the public online. Photo Messages collected by January 2010 (extended upon request by our partners) will be displayed in one of the largest Social Photographic Exhibitions ever attempted in February 2011 at the Gardens, Mid Valley.  
By December 2010. 

Additional to it, you can also get this: 

The Limited Edition AIDSAware 2011 Calendar

It's beautiful, it's unique, it's limited, it's for a good cause. Only RM29.90 at all The Body Shop outlets nationwide. Get yours today!

calender1P/S : Dear GFs , we have a project to do this tomorrow k. I’ll bring up my DLSR, snap2 and being a part of this..Cool!!;D + we do have an event to attend too..heee~ cherrioo!!!!;P 

I’ll update the pics of us of being a part of the campaign later yeah..

To be continue….

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