Wednesday, December 29, 2010



Brain like exploding :

Some people just can’t stop being super duper humongous ANNOYING! Rasa cam nk crush penyek2 je kan. Huh~ STOP!! With your stupid annoying says as it make me feel just wanna shout “GET A LIFE!”

What more that you want from me? Being sassy, perfect little girl next door, so mushy2 adorable pathetic girl? ..ha..FYI , that is not me! Do I make myself clear ? Or you want me to spell it to you… Get a grip!

Ye, saya memang emo hari ni tapi I still can think straight.

Stop repeating things on me as it can be really annoying and the results you just could get of one letter word from it..

The thing about me is that I care too much. I can’t act like things don’t affect me as much as the big things in my life. I can’t sit around and pretend that everything is alright, – but most of all, I can’t brush things off and say I don’t feel, because I feel way too much. And sometimes that’s my best quality, but today it’s my worst!

Sunrise_forest_by_pyromaniac I just need to be by myself for now…………..T_T

Titik noktah!

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