Monday, December 20, 2010

Futsal?? ;P


Brain manipulating it :

This were so non stop thingy..From working days to MAA’s 50th Years Anniversary @ Shangri La, KL to Futsal’s Tournament by KKM and lastly outing with my dear GF.. Phew super tired! So lets’ the pictures do the talking..ahahha~

MAA’s 50th Years Anniversary

BFF Wee~ siap2 for the dinner since alas perut wit our Subway..;P

Sime Darby Futsal Tournament

01 Miss Bie who mmg sgt rock tp still control ayu in this pic…hehehe~

02 Mem Gojes who that i love so much!Suka Emo tp sentiasa comel..;P heee~

03Motors Team yang akhirnyer kecundang jua..but then puas jugak la cheered up for you gurls bak kata Kak Tek “ kalah bermaruah”..ahahaha~

04Knew both them for sure akan pening ;P..Committee for the day! Almaklum la Motors tuan rumah kan…ngeee~ Pstt …Abg Ijat whats’up with pewut…Sexy you..Aww~;p

05 Cheer grouping for the day! Yeayy!!!! Posing je lebih kitaorg nih kan..;P

Right, most of pictures of the Futsal Tournament itself. As for the other events, whole lot pictures sangat la kelam…not sesuai for publishing..kegelapan melanda…Actually malas jua…heee…OOPPSY… ;p

Next time la k, if terajin bring my mr.DSLR together2…;D

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