Thursday, December 16, 2010

Break the Chain


Heart feel scrambled and want to say it out :

Its like a curse or magic or I’m just have those magnets.

But somehow, I really want to break the spells. As what I realized and been confirmed repeat confirmed by resources (close friends je pun) that can be truly trust, yes I do have a MAGNET towards these freak people, which I can define it to heartless yet love to be pampered, reserved but only me can make them talk, talking in some weird languages that I truly can’t adapt, claiming themselves as having super power heroes ( dengan2 aku sesat krg) and so on. For me to make a list here will takes forever. And it is getting worst I can say that this late of period. Hurmmm….make me wonder.

But somehow, some friends also did this statement, don’t take it seriously ; who knows this is must be your X-Factor…and for sure something good will rise from that.What?? Just give me some clue will you…??

Pity to some dear friends who are kept been updated with such stories as I can’t hold to myself. Drive me crazy okeyh..Kasihani la saya yang tak bersalah ni. Avoiding it, putting a gap on it were the worst way to hold these people back as they keep coming and knocked my innocent heart..Dang!

This are so unbreakable.

And the BAD thing is …… i was in LOVE with this some freakko! Left with some quote :

But who can turn the stream of destiny, Or break the chain of strong necessity?

-Spenser, Edmund

people*Clap..clap…freaking good for you Miss E…! Ok nak pengsan dah…;P

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