Sunday, December 5, 2010

URGENT Getaway!


Brain feel wanna explode :

maskhead Familiar with the name above? Who NOT!!! Lagi2 with the current super gila deals. Damn!! Opsss…

Start with this :

air-asia-fly-to-japanThen after a months it comes up with this :

parislaunch_myenAnd the latest :

xpNZ_myenOkey peeps..give me one good reason yg concrete kalah simen bgnn KLCC for me not to carut right now coz of the deals ….!!!

Abah keep on pushing me just book the tickets and GOOOOO!!! Travel..feel out the world ( sounds like I takyah keje kan for the rest of the year…huahauhau~)

My abg badut plak keep on nagging me of going with him to London this coming May 2010 – padahal he will be going with his wife and baby…I jugak dia nk heretnya..motif sebab takut nk terjah tempat orang sorang2..hayoooo.. (belikan tickets return then I’ll go with all my pleasure..;P)

These make me insane for a short while but please Miss E, settle down things first for this couple of months.. then YOU ARE SO FREE to go wherever you wanna go…NAK JOIN??? –nota tuk diri sendiri : always plan reramai but then end up i’ll go by myself..pegi sorg pun I layan je..) Rasa2 tiba2 I am not in the office, guess you will know where I’ll be.;P

Dear GF, I know I owe a short trip for us nearby..soon we accomplish it yeah… tunggu duit turun dari langit..wakakak~ ;P

Either this :

1Courtesy En.Google –pinjam pic.. 

OR this :


Misi berjaya baru I expose where we were at okeys! ;))

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