Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cerita Tentang Dia


Heart say YES but Brain say NO :

Berhabuk di draft tp saje simpan wat pekasam ( so bila nk publish kena edit balik sbb critanyer dah bersambung2)… I got few feedbacks when I was thinking of doing this entry :

1. Officemate (She) – ‘eventhough you put it as anonymous, after reading the whole things, this person will know this is him/her’

2. FBmate (He) - ‘ waiting..pasti menarik kn..’

So kesimpulannyer ?? I’ll just write it..

Yeah tajuk entry reminds us to one this old movie called “TENTANG DIA “..recall it? As i am so a fan to Melly Goeslow and love all sorts her magic in her songs.Ok2..I’m not talking bout the movie itself..focus Cik Enny..haishh…~ here we go….


It just a very ordinary perkenalan yg bermula di FB ( virtual again! sorry guys as I so jarang bersosial di luar tak semenanyer) I’ll just call this person as ‘DIA’ k. Easy!

We be friends less than a month till the day of I’m scribbling this..It fun to get to know a person when you are open to all sorts of stories. Since the day we were very in prompt to each other..Sharing songs, commenting on walls, inboxing about works..

Komited tak komitednyer kitaorg sampai there is a friend of DIA added me too just to tanya soklan cepumas.. I guess you can guess what kind of Q is that.;P

No harm, no intention, we just FRIENDS…


Sounds full of negativity… I feel for you as life is not that complicated. Its easy but human error which make it complicated enough. DIA macam nak say something to me yet a part of it DIA hold it back and keep on doing something yg mendatangkan kepelikan…

If you wanna shared I’m willing to listen, no harm on it dear. Yes we are totally strangers yet org kata tak kenal maka tak cinta (Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that I’m goin to fall with you..) This is just the starting…

but don't have a hope on me ...i'm hopeless... :) and mybe heartless ~

DIA said guess I never know DIA that well when I show my concern. For goodness sake, it just a CONCERN! What DIA expected from me actually? Tapi dia jugak taktau i can be really persistent of getting knowing people..I didn’t know if DIA had a bad things happened before this..but then he doesn’t  have to be like that..

-ve all the time mcm takde bnda yg baik..sedih ok..
DIA made me have to think deeply how to say things especially to DIA.

To be frank, for me to finish this story..there will be lots of blanks. menarik ke kalau byk tempat buat research nih..if not cerita i tuh failed dgn jayanyer so readers you have to do this : either you wait for Part 2 or just “Please fill in the blanks with the correct answers” or I’ll just let it hanging, you guys can create the ending for me as I still pursuing of to get to know this DIA…Dia also tak kenal who am I in sense of real friends to be with.


To be continue…

Enjoy this song…while editing this I was listening to this non stop..

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