Saturday, December 25, 2010



Heart beating :

Who are my biggest CRUSH???..Tetttt~ Secret la, mana leh tau…who ever already knew it, zipped it guys…as it will be remains to be one..or i can say..”you are the one that I don’t want” ;P but this one particular person are always around me no matter what and we are getting closer in sense of being friends which is a bit awkward though.(nih la bahananyer when you read too many books..;P)

One Q! What you gonna do if you do have someone outside there, totally a stranger having a huge crush on you? Freak out? Jumpy? Excited? Hermmm…complicated though right.

I think there are some sort of stages when we start to fall with people. Start of like to crush to love and yet it can be obsession. Each of those have no real definition, I think each varies from person-to-person and it only means what each person interprets it to be.
But to me, this is what I think each of the following are:

- Crush: Having an attraction towards someone that you don't know a whole lot about, but for some reason you find yourself attracted towards them, thinking about them a lot, and happier when you're around them and see them…and its like come and go.
- Love: Knowing someone very well, liking them for who they are, spending lots of time with them, wanting to spend a lifetime with them and create a family and grow happy and old together.
- Obsession: Not being able to get over someone, stalking them, threatening your obsession's friends or boyfriends/fiancés/husbands if you and the person you are obsessed with are not together. Just basically going crazy over someone and not being able to move on.

It's normal to be upset about someone for a while, so don't think that I think everyone who is upset over someone is obsessed, just when they stalk people and never let them go and always talk about them and talk about what their lives could have been and what you want it to be. Well, it depends on some people perceptions don’t we?

Talking from the experiences, admission from a person for having a CRUSH on myself gave me such a goose bump but then we never know what we really feel until we know that person, am I right? This is what I gonna do, I’ll give this one person a chance to get to know me and we’ll see in what stage we gonna be ..It’s a interesting story to be tell but i saved it for later yeah because tomorrow will be the ultimatum day for me to meet this person. ;P

I just can’t stop smiling since the day this person put his determination to get to know a person who has caught his eyes on the 1st sight. You ever heard of ‘love at the 1st sight’ right? and I guess its applicable to some people. Hehe~


This was the first song has been dedicated to me last few days : (sexy song…;P)


There are more but then this is the latest which actually I’ve heard this song before repeatedly, but yeah it’s been dedicated to me on my wall :  (sweet…;D)


And tell me why I can’t SMILE..??

I dedicated this song to you dear..have a safe journey coming here..I’ll see you then. ( I know you gonna read this and you know who you are..;)

Mode : Hati is singing!! ;P

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