Saturday, December 25, 2010

Next Step


Heart beating non stop :

And Brain can’t stop smiling.. I’m so blushing..;D. Wanna play wild guess peeps?? Hee~

We are starting a new stage..

Even it just new yet it feel like forever..

That’s what we call as law of attraction..

Weird but it’s funny to think about it..

Everything seems so simple and fall to place without asking..

How it make my heart jumpy and keep the LOVE close to it..


Hehe~ been guessing is it? Btw CONGRATS my dear friend. You look so gorgeous today and thanks for the special invitation..Terharu..;P

Fall on Hari Natal, great day for you to choose. Good foods, sweet hantaran, nice families, great friends and amazing fiancé’ to be. And I guess all the love has polluted me too..

Perhaps these pictures will knock some sense ..;P ( as I very the malas to create words peeps…feel sleepy with love is in the air ..ooppsssy!)

01My partner for the day – imported from JB > En.Kimia saya ;))


Fiancé’ wanna be getting ready with her mum be by her side


The guy side preparing so many of hantaran..nice!


Ring wore by future Mother in Law


Yeay..soon I’m gonna attend your BIG day..that’s for sure!

06*Wink.. love you D!


And I present to you..ehem2..he is my “GIFT” for this day. No words to express how elated I am of having you today and the day after. ;D

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